The Memory Trigger

by Ursa Robotica

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The 2nd full length album from Ursa Robotica with an all new sound. Gone are the harsh screams and digital breakdowns, here are the lush synths and pop laced songs.


released May 17, 2011

Copyright 2011 Chris Works. All songs recorded by Chris Works, Additional mixing and mastering by Corey Pigg of Somewhere In The Universe, Artwork by Lexi Works



all rights reserved


Ursa Robotica Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: The Price Of Ignorance Is Not Worth The Convenience
Run sleep from my eyes, and I won't be the spy in the dark, Running into walls We cannot simply be, Ignorant of the fly on the wall, He's listening to all. Chorus: Oh the apathy! Oh the lethargy! If ignorance is bliss, then we're at the peak of happiness! Laziness and shame, we're ignorant of our imminent fall, we know nothing at all. We've not learned a thing, put life on repeat do it all, from big mistake to small Chorus
The tax which will be paid for the purpose of education is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance (Thomas Jefferson quote) Chorus
Track Name: The Distance Between Inches And Miles
Honey this distance is killing me, but i'll struggle through so we can be free, From the burdens that are strangling us, In another world where we can be in love. My Heart, beats in time to your drum, and when I'm alone I feel, the rythym's left and gone, and I'm still standing here. I sit and I watch TV, Or write a melody, But every song sounds sad, If you're not next to me. And when it's time to leave, I'm simply waiting, For the time to go, So i can get home. Four more long days to go, Til I can see you, Days never seem to end Together they blend. Now I see your sleeping face, And I am happy, My love will never change, I'm here forever.
Track Name: The Aesthetic
Say a prayer and hold your breath, this scene is a cinder block on the feet of the condemned. In our faux retro clothes, we'll strike a pose and then disclose, which unknown band is superior, to all the other bands you've heard the other hipsters will protest, but I'm convinced my taste is best. Such is the way of the indie chic, It must be hard to be so elite, Chorus: We're so full of snobbery and vapidness, Paris Hilton would be so impressed, if only she knew what it meant, we have our heads so high in the clouds xBRUTALx you think you're so hardcore, I saw you buy Hannah Montana at the store, Still you demolish kids in the pit, just because you like the feel of it, You think you're tough because you like Emmure, When noones looking you're crying to The Cure, Now play nice and show some class, make some space let everybody dance Chorus: OMG I think I'm so punk rock, do you think that this Blondie top is hot, Have you ever heard of Underoath, I've been into them for like a month, I think that they might be the next big thing, Let's go to Hot Topic and buy some bling, In a month i will forget this band, and move on to some other newer trend Chorus x2
Track Name: Beneath The Moonlight
Honey tell me dear, tell me dear do you love me? My hearts kickin' steady to the drum beat, My chest is tight feels like I cant breath, Your bright green eyes are all I can see. The lights flash oh! here you are beside me, The ground shakes trees fall and the earth heaves Oceans boil and the animals rush to leave, The wind is rushing but it seems like a gentle breeze. Chorus: Dance with me underneath the moonlight, Stars fall down and the planets collide, But I'm alright, You're by my side Where oh where Oh! lady where is there safety? Mountains split and the earth is crumbling, There's destruction even Vogons wont believe, Dance with me lovely on this last eve. How I wish, How I wish I could save you, Hold me tight it'll all be over soon, Dust in the air I can barely see the moon, Always know oh my dear how I love you, Wake up Oh! wake up what is happening? Nothing simply nothing's as it seems, I can't believe it was just a dream, Yet you are here asleep next to me.
Track Name: Interplanetary Stoplight
Track Name: Dead On The Dancefloor
Honey this beat, is killing me, It's in my dreams, it's all I see, Destroying like deadly disease Just move your feet just move your feet We're all just clones of other things, We're anywhere we're anything, We're apathy, pathetically, Just move your feet just move your feet Chorus: We're moving in sync, to desolate beats, we're dead on the dancefloor baby. Our pulses are weak as we move our feet, we're dead and we're buried oh save me. The snare sounds alarm, And off of the walls, It pierces our ears, As we go along We're on a string, Controlled by a rod We're marionettes in the music world Now dance over here, You'll do as you're told, And dance over there, Here's a prop to hold, Make sure you can see, The thing we're selling, We could care less, You're just money. Chorus x2
Track Name: Pretty Mayhem
Oh pretty mayhem, You have a first name. It is disaster! What a title for a dame. You entered my life, and tried to wreck things. We had a lovers quarrel you will not be the death of me Chorus: Oh oh oh I found my way out, Oh oh oh this will not bring me down Oh oh oh I'm standing my firm ground Oh oh oh this will not bring me down x2 I had a firm grip on situation, Thought I was in the lead, what imagination! It was a fine dream to rule my little world, But then you entered it and brought abomination Chorus Bridge: Don't stop! Don't get lazy, we won't be devastated! Don't stop! I'm going crazy! We won't be devastated Chorus
Track Name: The Things That Keep Us Awake
I'm going out of my mind, It's going, gone can't you see? And I am so terrified, that I look like Gary Busey It's been just over a week, And there's been no more sleep, I try to close my eyes, But they don't listen to me, When will I find some release from this depravity, I long solely for sleep, Not to be a zombie Chorus: I'm in the midst of a breakdown, Fall apart without a sound, Will you break my fall as I come down, As dreams float around. I walk around aimlessly, fall down into the chair. Maybe I'll watch some TV, "Hi! It's Billy Mays here" Buy some stuff I don't need, Call now get gift for free, What will I ever do with 14 OxyClean's, All because I can't sleep, Guess I'll do my laundry, How do you work this machine? Oh God why's it bubbling? Chorus Ill toss and turn in my bed, Is it all in my head, Am I going insane, These thoughts keep me awake, Guess I'll close my eyes, just to see if sleep takes. Am I going insane? I don't know all I want to do is fall asleep. Chorus
Track Name: ...
It's just another day! We'll watch the time go by as we stand in the shadows, awaiting a moment of peace from the memory of a loss, Yet as much as we want to forget our sadness, we can't help but remember the better times, when we were so full of ignorant bliss, we thought they would last forever. But the truth is in the matter that we are not built to last, And so we must make the best of each day, In our comings and goings we must be careful to notice the beauty in the world around us, Whether it be people or that which has been created for us. We are NOT created to dwell on the past, But to look to the future, And discover what lay in the plans set for us, for we know not what tomorrow holds. I'll say it again we are not created to last, So in out actions and in our deeds, Let us create for ourselves a legacy that will live on, Some for the better and some for the worse, So which will you choose to leave today, For we know not what tomorrow holds